Conscious clothing swop - 12/10/19

Conscious clothing swop

We will be hosting a CONSCIOUS clothing swop on the 12th of October.
This is the perfect opportunity for you to really look into your cupboard and take out all the items that don’t make you blissfully happy anymore and allow them to be exchanged with someone who will find happiness in them.
The idea is to swop items of clothes and donate the ones that you weren’t able to swop.
How it works:
~YOU decide (mindfully) how much each item is worth
~We put a tag on the item with the amount you have decided on
~You get a voucher for the amount you brought in, to “shop” with on the day.
~All items not taken on the day or aren’t truly needed, will be donated to people in need
~Item values should not exceed R250.
***NB non-attachment to items is essential. We want to create a chilled, conscious, charitable & eco experience for all.

Items will need to be brought in during the week leading up to the event so we can have them all ready to display on the Saturday.

Please ask questions in the comments below so everyone is clear on how it works ♻️