We are proud to be the very first plant based restaurant in Port Elizabeth (Nelson Mandela Bay in South Africa). Our restaurant is situated in the bustling and creative Richmond Hill among many other amazing restaurants, bars and boutiques.

Our food menu is fully vegan with the exception of honey in some of our drinks and desserts and we offer cows milk as an option for coffees. So we like to call ourselves plant based :)

We offer a variety of meal options from super healthy raw smoothies and smoothie bowls packed full of superfoods to cooked breakfasts, deep fried chips and a burger for lunch. There really is something for everyone.


upcoming events

Please get in touch if you would like a private cooking class or supper club, email

vegan cooking class Port Elizabeth

Join our chef for an evening of cooking up some inspiring plant based Mexican dishes and go home with a few new recipes under your belt. These events have proven to be very fun and informative and a night to remember.

9th October

6 pm

R420 pp

Email to book your spot

Clothing swop

We will be hosting a CONSCIOUS clothing swop on the 12th of October.
This is the perfect opportunity for you to really look into your cupboard and take out all the items that don’t make you blissfully happy anymore and allow them to be exchanged with someone who will find happiness in them.
The idea is to swop items of clothes and donate the ones that you weren’t able to swop.
How it works:
~YOU decide (mindfully) how much each item is worth
~We put a tag on the item with the amount you have decided on
~You get a voucher for the amount you brought in, to “shop” with on the day.
~All items not taken on the day or aren’t truly needed, will be donated to people in need
~Item values should not exceed R250.
***NB non-attachment to items is essential. We want to create a chilled, conscious, charitable & eco experience for all.

Items will need to be brought in during the week leading up to the event so we can have them all ready to display on the Saturday.

Please ask questions in the comments below so everyone is clear on how it works ♻️

Events and Catering

We would love to share our beautiful venue with you, an ideal location to host your unique event. We offer an assortment of plant based, vegan or vegetarian platters as well as vegan sweet treats and cakes to cater for events both at our venue and outside.

Email us at for a custom quote or to discuss your event in more detail.


We are living in a time in which our decisions really go make a difference

'At Kindred we strive to break down barriers and stigmas attached to various concepts in our society, from the power of individuals to the power of food.

Coupling rights with responsibilities in relation to the planet and each other, in order to find the balance that allows us to feel connected to the earth BUT ALSO enables us to live well in our time, to show that we can make a difference with our decisions and encouraging others to do the same.

We are inspired by innovation and strive to support local creators in many aspects, be it food, music, art or photography and to promote those whose passion it is to make the world around them beautiful.' - Duart Maclean - Co founder




14 Irvine Street, Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth

Opening Hours Restaurant

Tuesday to Friday 7am - 3pm

Saturday 8 am -1:30 pm


Contact number : 0640124400

Email :


Our TRIbe

Kindred was born out of a shared passion for humanity and planet earth. We have created a space where everyone is welcome. We encourage people to eat more plants, to make conscious choices when it comes to their footprint on earth and to be educated about foods that are really nutritious for themselves and their children.

Meet the team behind our restaurant and brand:


Amy has a strong belief that food should be good for you, good for the planet and definitely delicious! Taking inspiration and ideas from her background in art and eating her way around the world. She started a vegetarian market stall at the Oranjezicht market in Cape Town and has developed into a plant based concept that she has carried on throughout the last years in her blog and catering business An Earthen Life

She has created each meal on the menu to be delicious, nutritious and beautiful! Hopefully tickling all your senses.

Simone is a school teacher and children’s/teens yoga instructor at Yoga Shala. Her drive lies with empowering children and teenagers to be free and conscious in the world around them. She has created a beautiful childrens’ area with imaginative play items, books and comfortable pillows. Simone is passionate about families coming together, women supporting each other and children believing in themselves whole-heartedly, while all living harmoniously with our beautiful Mother Earth. She also brought in her love of smoothies and superfoods by creating our delicious and healthy smoothie menu.



Duart is a surfer and outdoors man who really just wants to clean the earth. We try in every way to reduce our use of single use plastic and to recycle whatever we do use. We use completely biodegradable takeaway containers and cutlery as well as trying to use suppliers that deliver plastic free or use biodegradable packaging themselves, even down to our toilet paper and our coffee which is roasted in the forest in Wilderness.

Where we’ve been featured


We are very proud to have won the Faithful to Nature Eco - Hospitality award in our first 6 months of business. Check out the article here

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